Become A Volunteer!

SEE is a unique event that will bring in over 12,000 people into one location over 2 days. The excitement is building fast, and will last for months after the event. There will be a wide variety of people, guests, and exhibitors with a wide range of products, which will give you plenty to look at over the weekend.

Why Join Up?

You get to be a member of an exciting and enthusiastic community of people who are fans just like you. Many of our crew members have developed great friendships at Expo and enjoy mini-reunions each year they return. There are also perks, which are determined by your volunteer position. The more time you share with us, the more perks you can get!

What Does A Volunteer Do?

We work all over the show, behind the scenes and in the public eye to ensure each and every person that interacts with the Expo feels welcome and has a memorable experience. You could be keeping our Creator Guests fuelled and fed, providing fans with info at Customer Service, distributing much-needed goodies to your fellow crew members, or keeping your watchful gaze over autograph lines and Media Guests. It takes a village, and every member is important.

There are many teams that make up the Expo: Operations, Distribution, Programming, Customer Service, Welcome Team, Admissions and many more. We do our best to connect each member with a team that fits their skill set and interest as they climb up the ranks.