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Cosplay Guests

Meggii Cosplay

Booth E103

Meggii is a Saskatchewan based cosplayer and artist. She specializes in cute-kawaii characters ranging across video games, comics, anime as well as all other forms of media. With years of wig styling and costume making experience behind her, she has many tips and tricks to offer to help bring your dream cosplays to life!

The Alchemist’s Armoury

Booth E102

Ian's journey in costuming started around 10 years ago when he discovered chainmail; from that everything evolved. He worked at a chainmail company for a number of years and even had the chance to work on pieces for film and art projects. This really enabled him to understand the intricacies of armour patterns and how to construct costumes and accessories. In 2014 he made his entry into the world of cosplay. He wanted an Iron Man suit of my own, so he built one. He's been hooked ever since, and he loves creating costumes from the various fandoms he has from comics, movies, video games, and anime. Cosplay has been a great creative outlet for Ian, he finds it helps to center him and enhances his ability to focus. He eventually started to get involved with the competitive aspect of cosplay and has competed in a few different contests, receiving Journeyman and Master’s level awards along the way. Attending charity events has been a great way for him to use his hobby to give back to the community, usually by providing a smile, high five, or picture where needed. This has become one of the most rewarding aspects of cosplay in his experience. He believes that cosplay is for everyone; being a positive role model by encouraging inclusivity in cosplay, as well as transferring knowledge and skills gained for those coming into the craft, is really important in order to build a bigger, better, and more positive cosplay community. You can find more of his work at The Alchemist’s Armoury on Facebook.

The Foam Queen

Booth E 101

We're very excited to announce our cosplay guest Angela aka The Foam Queen! Angela is from Winnipeg, Manitoba and has been cosplaying for 3 years. She specializes in foam armor and prop making! You'll often find her competing in costume contests and making tutorial videos for aspiring foam smiths! Some of her costumes and props will be on display at the convention, so make sure to stop by her booth. She will also be premiering a brand new costume and judging the costume contest!
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