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Artist & Creator Guests

Collette Turner

Booth A409

Collette is a UK born and educated artist with strong Saskatchewan ties. She's been shortlisted for the 2017 gene day award and has seen her creator owned comic Badassical set Canadian records for crowdfunding.

Gary Boyarski

Booth A346

Gary Boyarski has worked on multiple comics related projects throughout the years, most notably though is his creator owned comic book series, JACK GRIMM: Harbinger of Death. 2019 saw Gary win the award for "Best Comic Book" from the Canadian Independant Comic Book Wiki Awards for JACK GRIMM. His work has been praised by the public and his fellow creators in the comic book field, including industry veterans Dave Sim, Gerhard, and Kevin Eastman.

Gisele Lagace

Booth A321

Gisele Lagace is a Canadian cartoonist/comic book artist from New Brunswick. She has worked on various creator-owned webcomics, e.g. Menage a 3, Penny & Aggie, Eerie Cuties, & more. Currently, along with writer/co-creator Ian Boothby, she's drawing Exorsisters which is published at Image Comics. She has also drawn for Archie Comics (e.g. Archie Meets Ramones), IDW (Jem and the Holograms), Dynamite Entertainment (Betty Boop), Marvel (Gwenpool covers), Udon (Street Fighter covers), Chapterhouse (Die Kitty Die), & more!

Graham Nolan

Booth A403

Graham is an Inkpot Award winning cartoonist, best known for his long run on BATMAN in Detective Comics and as the designer and co-creator of the iconic Batman Villain: BANE. He is also the creator of the graphic novel: MONSTER ISLAND, web-comic: SUNSHINE STATE and the co-creator of the IDW horror adventure series: JOE FRANKENSTEIN.

Jason Copland

Booth A331

Jason Copland is a Vancouver based comic book artist whose work includes Judge Dredd (IDW), What If? (Marvel) and KILL ALL MONSTERS OMNIBUS Vol1, the giant monster vs giant robot OGN from Dark Horse Comics. His work has also been published by BOOM!, Image and many others. He is currently working on his new near future graphic novel, FULL TILT.

Jason Sylvestre

Booth A351

A freelance writer-artist from Regina, Jason's work has been internationally published. From cartoons about living in Saskatchewan, an adult coloring book, to all ages comic books and graphic novels, Jason continues to write, draw and paint.

Jeff Burton

Booth A336

While on a field trip to observe a meteor shower Jeff Burton discovers a wooden staff that is bursting with cosmic power so he does what any mild-mannered school teacher and father would do, he puts it in the local lost and found bin – WAIT! No, he doesn’t, he uses it to become the new Super Power of the Prairies – Auroraman! Hearkening back to the days of fun superhero comic books the Adventures of Auroraman is a wild and zany all ages adventures with a dash of Saskatchewan and Canadian lore mixed in and the wacky dial turned up! Who is behind this wackiness? Creator and writer Jeff Burton is a father of five and teacher from Humboldt, Saskatchewan. As a long time comic book fan, Jeff found he was being drawn more and more to the independent comics, especially the Canadian independent scene and all the great fun stories being created there!

Joe Eisma

Booth A316

Joe Eisma is the Eisner-nominated co-creator and artist of the New York Times Bestseller, Morning Glories, from Image Comics.  Joe's other credits include The Flash from DC Comics, Quantum & Woody and Faith from Valiant Comics, Charlie's Angels from Dynamite Comics and Archie, Jughead: The Hunger and Riverdale from Archie Comics.

Joel Hustak

Booth A332

Joel Hustak was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. He specializes in character, creature, and environment illustration for the entertainment industry. Joel has created artwork for a variety of different projects ranging from mobile games, tabletop games, comic books, album covers, television commercials, and movies. Most recently he was the lead artist for Harper Festival’s Star Wars: Droidography. The majority of his artwork is created digitally with a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop. Joel also enjoys using a variety of traditional media such as pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and oils.

John Fleming

Booth A409

John is a record setting indie creator who's co-creator of the Canadian comic Badassical. He's called Saskatchewan home for many years and is always happy to return.

Joshua Hixson

Booth A341

Joshua Hixson graduated from The School of Visual Arts in 2014 and has been working in comics ever since. He’s the artist and co-creator of Shanghai Red from Image Comics, and The Black Woods. He also works as an illustrator for Kannibalen Records.

Mark Allard-Will

Booth A326

Mark Allard-Will is the British-born Canadian Comic Book Writer and award-winning Screenwriter best known to Saskatchewan folk for his work on the Canadiana comedy comic, Saskatch-A-Man. Now in 2019, Mark - a lifelong fan of folklore - is bringing some of his hometown English lore to Canadian audiences in horror Graphic Novel, The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck.
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